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toxic ingredients in foods

Look at the ingredients on ANY food at the supermarket. It only takes a few minutes of browsing through the store to realize almost EVERYTHING is loaded down with preservatives, hormones, chemical additives and much more.

Even when you opt for super healthy supermarket organic vegetables, there is a very good chance those foods have come in contact with chemicals. It’s almost unavoidable.

Let’s say you’re the ultimate health conscious person. You grow your own food and avoid ANYTHING that has toxins or chemical additives. You’re safe, right? WRONG!

When you step out of your home your lungs fill with air full of exhausts and drifting chemicals. Even when you grow your own healthy vegetables in your garden, the soil you plant in has toxins from years of human use. Your water is filled with unknown elements, even chemicals added by the city.

Those fresh vegetables you grew yourself look green and wholesome. Yet they are likely filled with toxins you can’t see, taste or smell.

Modern Life Is Killing Us

toxic junk foods

Let’s dispense with our idyllic scenario of perfect foods. The real truth is most of us live very busy lives. You rush home from work after a long day and pull through Burger King or McDonald’s to pick up a burger, fries, and drink. You’re starving!

Most restaurant foods are frozen and reheated before serving. They are the product of intense chemical processing. When cooked their smell is chemically produced. Their taste is the result of a chemical formula. And you can bet your body is getting a mighty blast of chemicals and worse.

Keep in mind the American food industry is NOT required to list all the chemicals or food additives they put in their foods. They’re covered by one simple line: contains natural and artificial flavors. That’s a loophole that lets manufacturers put just about ANYTHING in their foods and not tell us.

Why You Feel Tired, Without Energy, Bloated, and Sick

When you are constantly surrounded by chemical additives, preservatives, and worse, your body never gets a break. Morticians tell us the average American is so filled with preservatives their deceased bodies take forever to decompose.

That’s pretty frightening when you think about it. We are literally walking storehouses of toxins.

  • No wonder everyone feels tired, worn out and a little depressed.
  • No wonder you frequently feel pains and discomfort, so often that being in pain has become a regular part of life.
  • No wonder you often feel bewildered, overwhelmed and can’t seem to get life under control.
  • No wonder your memory sometimes falters and you can’t remember facts, figures, even people’s names.
  • No wonder you have frequent illness and worry it will become severe.
  • And no wonder so many of the people we know (maybe even ourselves) are undergoing radiation and chemo to ward off very serious illness.

You’ve got to ask yourself, WHY are we so sick?

Get the World’s BEST Detox Kit NOW!

best detox kit

Detox Your Body Fast!

Boost metabolism and fat-burning

Remove harmful toxins naturally

Dramatically increase energy levels

Enhance skin quality and beauty

Boost mental clarity and emotional balance

Help Restore Total Health

order your detox cleanse kit

Our Bodies Are Being KILLED by Toxins

The host of toxins, chemicals, hormones, and preservatives have invaded every part of our body – every organ, every blood vessel, every cell, our nervous system and our brain.

Natural organ function can no longer continue. Our organs are operating at only a fraction of their intended capability. We are so waited down by ingested toxins that we trudge from one task to the other, our minds clouded by toxins, gradually getting more and more poisoned until we are consumed by sickness and disease.

Gosh, that sounds terrible! Yet you probably know people who are experiencing this very scenario. They look terrible, they feel worse, and are experiencing serious illness.

This awful condition is all around us. Take a stroll in a major city during rush hour. The sidewalks are filled with supposedly successful people who look like they feel terrible.

toxic environment
detox scientist

Best 7-Day Detox Rids Your Body of Toxins, Chemicals, Harsh Additives

Medical scientists have seen this problem developing for a long time. Physicians fill their days working with people who are sick from the slow poisoning that is taking place.

It didn’t take long until top researchers developed a revolutionary new detox supplements program. This uses advanced science to reverse the toxification of your body.

You don’t have to diet or fast. Simply use the products in the Best 7-Day Detox Kit.

Total Body Detox and Cleanse
100% Natural and Safe
No Dieting and No Fasting
No Artificial Ingredients – NONE – Zero, Zilch

Even more impressive, when your body is finally rid of toxins, your organs start working much more efficiently. Now your systems can do their job the way they were meant to work, perhaps for the first time in your life.

  • Now wastes are flushed out of your system*
  • Nutrients are fully digested*
  • Nutrition gets to ALL parts of your body*
  • Your metabolism stabilizes*
  • You stop storing fat*
  • You BURN fat at a much higher rate*
  • You quickly lose weight*
  • You drop pounds*
  • You lose inches*
  • You start to look sexy again*
  • Your mood improves*
  • You have more energy*
  • Your loved ones notice and appreciate the difference*
  • Your boss comments*
  • You get promoted*
  • You earn more money*
  • You live life to the fullest*

…and YOU ARE FINALLY FREE OF TOXINS that have been holding you back and keeping you down for years.*

Don’t Hesitate! Get our Best Detox Kit and start immediately on your exciting road to recovery.

order your detox cleanse kit

No-hassle, 100% money-back gaurantee.

REAL LIFE STORIES: Look what our ecstatic customers are saying

“I bought my supply of Eniva detox supplements. Simply amazing! Within the first week I dropped 5 pounds. My waist shrunk by a full 2 inches. Now I’m able to wear my favorite clothes again. My husband says I haven’t looked this sexy since I was 21. My doctor says I look much healthier and wanted to know what I’ve been doing.”
– Maria B, TX

“It only takes 7 days to get a complete detox. I lost 6 pounds and a whopping 4 inches! My friends almost didn’t recognize me at first. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! You should definitely try it!”
– Tanya O, MN

“Eniva Cleanse and Detox is actually pretty delicious. You don’t have to starve or fast. You end up eating better and don’t want to snack. I dumped the detox kit ingredients into a mixture of crushed ice and water. Nutribullet creates a yummy smoothie. I have one every morning and afternoon. And it works for losing weight fast!”
– Bella V, NY

What Makes Our Best Detox and Cleanse 7-Day Program So Different?

best cleanse kit

It’s clear from the customer comments above this detox program is the ultimate way to lose weight and shrink inches*. When your body suddenly starts functioning correctly, you get thinner.

To see the proof for this, take a look at this film shot in San Francisco in 1906:

For many of you, those are your great grandparents walking the streets. And notice how just about EVERYONE in those days was FIT AND TRIM!

You see VERY few overweight people in this trip down San Francisco’s busy Market Street. Why?

In those days there were very few chemicals and preservatives in foods. Most foods and meat were fresh. They came right off the farm with no processing of any kind. And look at the difference!

People were thin, healthy, happy, energetic, and as we found out decades later – many lived productive lives well into their 90s.

With our best detox and cleanse program you get the remarkable benefits of rolling back the clock 100 years to a time when people weren’t surrounded by toxins.

1. Our Best Detox 7-Day Program does NOT require fasting.

Our detox supplements kit does not require dieting or giving up your favorite foods. You won’t have to work while being hungry. You won’t be starving by the end of your day. Our plan is very different. You eat and drink you regular foods. All we ask is you drink more water. And, of course, that immediately improves your health, wards off sickness, and improves regularity and detoxification.

2. This plan ONLY takes 7 days!

You don’t have to make a lifelong lifestyle change of any kind. Simply take our nutrients and detox formulas when you eat. Keep it up for just one week and you’re done! This is faster than prescription medications, faster than diets, faster than detox pills – in fact, it’s so fast people in the past would have considered it some kind of magic rather than the impressive new scientific method it is.

3. It’s NUTRIENT Rich!

This isn’t fighting toxins with more chemicals as other plans do. Our best detox program provides a nutrient rich supplement to your diet that has remarkable effects. You will NOT feel hungry at any time during the 7 days. You find you don’t snack nearly as much and you don’t feel the need to overeat. It’s pretty cool and a lot of fun. Over the 7 days you get all the vital nutrients you need. You feel more vitality, more energy, and better cognitive awareness. Your body cleanses and you immediately feel better*.

4. This is Total Body.

Most other detox supplements just work on your colon and intestines. You end up heading to the bathroom all the time and people wonder what’s wrong. Our Best Detox Program takes a much more balanced approach. We focus on your ENTIRE body for complete total body renewal. That way tissues, organs, nervous system – everything – feels and works far better*.

5. Great for Your System and Oh So Easy to Use.

No reason to take harsh medicines that make you just as sick as the toxins. Our program is 100% natural and gentle. It caresses your system so you quickly feel better and function more efficiently. You can live your life without constantly having to run down the hall.

6. You get a BRIDGE for continued support and improvement.

Most programs end abruptly then you go back to a toxic system. Here we give you a transition to healthy habits and include products to use once the 7 days have been completed.

7. Amazing Value!

This detox program is very affordable and ultra-high quality. They are cold-pressed, non-irradiated, non-pasteurized and nutrient rich. Of course it was formulated by doctors who know exactly what will be safe and beneficial for your system.

8. You get 4 Different Products.

This gives you the smart power you need to address every part of your body with intense natural detox. No wonder people are seeing such remarkable success.

Our total body detox products are:
– Doctor formulated
– 100% natural ingredients
– Non-GMO
– Gluten-free
– Vegetarian friendly
– Cold pressed
– Unpasteurized
– Non-irradiated
And, they contain no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients.

“I was astounded when I lost 7 pounds in just one week. And I owe it all to the easy to use Eniva Detox and Cleanse Program. You just use it for a week and see immediate results. It goes to work on your whole body. I feel like I’ve gotten a fresh start,”
– Miriam J, FL

“I got this program and my husband immediately was interested too. So I got a 2nd one for him and we did the 7-day program together. Well, I dropped 6 pounds and my waist shrunk a couple of inches. My better half works out all the time and is a pretty thin guy. But he still lost 2 pounds and had to tighten his belt an inch. We both feel great! This Envia program really works and we are the proof!”
– Mike and Elizabeth S.

Don’t let this opportunity to try the world’s best detox program slip away. It’s affordable. It’s cutting edge and effective. And it will help you lose weight and shrink inches, guaranteed.

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Doctors Recommend Eniva Health Products

RICARDO GARCIA PELAYO, M.D.“Eniva products have been the most important tool in my medical practice to assist patients in receiving comprehensive nutrition. They have helped patients achieve significant assistance with specific health goals. I recommend Eniva products with great confidence.”

RAY C. WUNDERLICH, JR, M.D., Ph.D.“At the Wunderlich Natural Healing Center, we have great results in advancing health by using Eniva products! Eniva’s unique formulations provide a high success rate.”

RICARDO RAMOS, M.D.“I have used Eniva products as well as my patients. In my practice we have experienced positive results using Eniva nutraceuticals. We’ve seen noticeable improvement in individuals using Eniva products.”

MARIA NUALART, M.D.“I have patients who’ve had challenging health conditions for years that have seen noticeable benefits from Eniva nutraceuticals. They feel healthier and have a measurably better quality of life.”

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.