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Why You Need to Detox

You’re carrying pounds of waste in your intestines

The average American is carrying between 5 – 25 pounds of extra waste in their intestines. This affects how much you weigh and the inches around your waist. This extra weight is a mix of impacted body waste (fecal matter) and mucous throughout the maze of your intestines.

Our 7-day cleanse and detox program helps remove toxic buildup in your colon, helping you achieve your weight and waistline goals.

You can accelerate fat burning

Most people don’t realize that toxins affect the body’s natural ability to burn fat, leading to weight gain. Detoxing helps rid the body of toxins stored in the fat cells, fires up your body’s metabolism and bolsters your natural fat burning abilities.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight, or even feeling like you’ve plateaued, its likely time for a cleanse and detox program.

There is toxic buildup

Long-term exposure to toxins, such as environmental pollutants, chemicals in our body care products, preservatives and pesticides in food, heavy metals, industrial waste… all negatively affect our metabolism and overall body function. They’re stored in tissues and cells throughout the body, including the brain, … and can be stored for years.

Simply put, our bodies don’t function very well when they’re loaded with toxins and may result in joint pain, weight problems, headaches, digestive disorders, sleep problems, and lack of energy. Even emotions and memory can be affected.

Our program helps safely remove these harmful toxins from your body.

You need more energy

Toxins overload your body’s system and zap energy levels. Plus, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are absorbed in your colon—and if its clogged, you don’t get the energy benefit of those nutrients. After a cleanse, your energy levels will surge. You’ll have more mental, physical, and emotional energy. And, many people tend to sleep better as well.

Instead of more coffee and energy drinks for temporary energy, how about a simple cleanse to naturally boost your energy levels long term?

You want more beautiful healthy skin

It’s a fact, diet and environmental toxins affect skin. Detoxing helps improve complexion, helps strengthens hair and nails, and gives us a natural, healthy glow.

Many people who struggle with complexion challenges often report a dramatic, positive change after a cleanse.

You can slow the ageing process

Free radicals and heavy metals in your body contribute to accelerated aging.

Detoxing also helps to increase nutrient absorption, including antioxidants and vitamins that help fight oxidative stress and the aging process.

You’ll gain mental clarity and emotional balance

When the body’s systems are not overloaded with toxins and are better aligned, a shift also occurs with our mental and emotional states. After a cleanse, most people report having more mental clarity (the brain fog is gone) and, they’re able to deal with stress better and feel more emotionally grounded.

Detoxing helps us make better decisions, analyze accurately, and see things in a more positive light.

You will strengthen your immune system to fight off disease

Toxins weaken our immune system making us more vulnerable to colds and flus. This affects our quality of life and productivity. Our bodies have a built-in detox function to deal with these dangers, but those systems are constantly overloaded!

Regular detoxing helps strengthen immune system function and gives you an advantage to help fight off infection.

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“I did the Eniva Cleanse and Detox Program and I was amazed. I lost 5 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. My belly felt flat and my pants were loose! I also noticed my skin looks healthier… even my family and friends asked what I had done.” -Lu B., MN

“I just completed my first 7 days and it was great. Overall I lost 6 pounds and 9 inches and I’m very happy with the results! My energy was high and the program was easy to follow. I combined all the ingredients with water and ice and used my Nutra Bullet to create a great smoothie for the morning and afternoon and it was terrific! With everything combined the texture was perfect.” –Jenn M., MN

“I recently did the Eniva Detox and had fantastic results. I did the 7 day plan and then did another 3 days before taking a 5 day break and starting another 7 days. Currently, I have dropped around 12 pounds. I was amazed at the crud that was coming out of me; crud that looked like it had been inside me for a very, very long time. I feel better with more energy than I have had in quite some time. I was able to eat a fairly normal diet which is nice because most detox plans call for fasting. I have noticed that since beginning round 1 of the Eniva Detox that I have just not had the cravings and desires to eat the junk I was eating before; now I desire to eat more cleanly.” -Kyle McKamey, Doctor of Chiropractic

“My husband and I started on the Eniva Detox & Cleanse Program and immediately began tracking our progress. After 7 days, our results are in: I lost 6 pounds in my weight and 1.5 inches in my waist. My husband, who is actually fairly fit. lost 2 pounds and his waist size decreased by 2 inches. We are believers in Eniva’s program!” –M. & E., FL

“Worked excellent! I lost 8 pounds and 3 inches! Just what I needed to restart healthy patterns. Amazing kit and I’ll definitely be ordering again.” –Andre, MN

“Last night was my completion of the 7-day Detox and Cleanse system and I want to tell you about my results: I lost a whole inch off my waist (32″ to 31″) and I lost 3 pounds (129 to 126)! I trust Eniva, so when I started having allergic reactions to food about a month ago, I thought about doing a detox and cleanse. Thank you for such a pure and easy-to-take product. I feel so much better both physically and emotionally and have more energy than I did before!” –Leah N., MN

“I was amazed at the results I got with the Eniva Detox &amp: Cleanse Program. I lost 7 pounds in one week, and my whole body felt like it had a fresh start.” –Andrea T., FL

What Makes Our Kit Better Than the Rest?

1. It’s non-fasting
There’s no dieting! Most programs use aggressive fasting techniques to get results. Our plan is different. You simply eat normal and drink more water along with the products.

2. It’s only 7-days
No 2 or 3 week grueling detox sessions like many other programs!

3. It’s nutrient rich
You won’t feel weak and hungry during the 7 days – our philosophy is actually opposite of most programs – instead of starving you, we’re actually going to provide your body with an amazing amount of nutrients during the 7 days to help restore vitality while you cleanse.

4. It’s total body
Most programs are only about the colon and intestines. Our program focuses on the entire body – soft tissues, blood, brain, heavy metal removal plus the intestines and colon. It’s a true whole body and thorough approach for total body renewal.

5. It’s gentle and easy to use
Many other programs make you feel uncomfortable and literally looking for the nearest bathroom – our program is comfortable, you’ll get results without running down the hall and can still live your life.

6. We provide a bridge to continued health after the program is done
Most programs end abruptly with no path to follow. We provide a clear track to transition to healthy habits and even include products to use once the 7-days are over.

7. You get more value
Our products are cold-processed, non-irradiated, non-pasteurized, doctor formulated and nutrient rich. You get 4 different products in the program and its total body. There nothing like it for the value.

8. It’s 100% natural

What’s in Our Detox Kit?

Vibe Whole Body Nutrition

Gluten free, cold processed blend of specialized ingredients with over 30 different phytonutrients to help detox and nourish the body while helping counteract free radical damage. One ounce contains the antioxidant equivalent of 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.+

Published medical testing shows it supports the health of cellular DNA.* Vibe provides a nutritional foundation of minerals and vitamins with validated RDA values, concentrated vegetable, fruit and aloe vera extracts, as well as a specialized green tea EGCG catechin complex.*

Liquid Muscle Aid

Targeted formula to help support aluminum removal from soft tissue and assist optimal levels of energy production within muscles and cells.* Contains a generous serving of malic acid for body balance and renewal.*

Muscle Aid provides a generous serving of Malic Acid to promote optimal levels of energy production within cells.* Muscle Aid utilizes our proprietary aqueous delivery system to provide enhanced absorption for maximum effectiveness.*

Chlorophyll & Liquid Greens Complex

Carefully selected, broad spectrum combination of liquid chlorophyllins and phytonutrients to support body conditioning and detoxification pathways.

Also contains l-glutamine, chicory root (inulin), lemon extract and apple extract. this unique combination helps support total body cleansing, with special focus on the liver, blood, gallbladder, digestive tract, and colon. Also supports healthy oxygenation, cellular membranes and the body’s natural deodorizing abilities.*

LifeCleanse Fiber Complex

Safe and effective natural fiber combination including mild thistle seed extract, rice bran fiber and germ, dandelion root, cinnamon bark, ginger root, clove bud, stevia leaf extract and a fructooligosaccharide blend. Helps to comfortably sweep away accumulated waste along with digestive tract. Also supports healthy intestinal bacteria.*

Also includes complete instructions for use of all products.
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Doctors Recommend Eniva Health Products

RICARDO GARCIA PELAYO, M.D.“Eniva products have been the most important tool in my medical practice to assist patients in receiving comprehensive nutrition. They have helped patients achieve significant assistance with specific health goals. I recommend Eniva products with great confidence.”

RAY C. WUNDERLICH, JR, M.D., Ph.D.“I recommend Eniva products as an excellent solution to patients because they provide potent formulations with ex-cellent absorption potential. I trust Eniva products — they are easy to use and have a pleasant taste.”

DR. JOSHUA HANEN, JD, OD, FAAO“At the Wunderlich Natural Healing Center, we have great results in advancing health by using Eniva products! Eniva’s unique formulations provide a high success rate.”

RICARDO RAMOS, M.D.“I have used Eniva products as well as my patients. In my practice we have experienced positive results using Eniva nutraceuticals. We’ve seen noticeable improvement in individuals using Eniva products.”

MARIA NUALART, M.D.“I have patients who’ve had challenging health conditions for years that have seen noticeable benefits from Eniva nutraceuticals. They feel healthier and have a measurably better quality of life.”

DR. MIKE HANEN-SMITH, OD, MS“As an experienced eye care professional, I highly recommend Eniva products. I have used them for over a decade and noticed substantial improvements in retinal health for my patients. We trust Eniva to provide the best quality products with the highest absorption possible.”

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No-hassle, 100% money-back gaurantee.